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Corporate websites

  • All information about your company located at one website
  • Perfect solution for your business
  • Representative layout for your company
  • High confidence to company with its personal website.
  • Transparency and accessibility of all information about your company


  • All
  • Cars and repair parts
  • Business and related services
  • House and repair works
  • Web-portals and entertainment
  • Other

Let’s decide on tariff together

  • Standard
  • Professional
  • Personal account?Your clients are able to register on your website with access to their personal account to review information and update their data.
  • Payments for services via payment systems? Payment gateways like PayPal and Robokassa which we implement are universal solutions to get online payments on website.
  • Usable administration system? Intuitive system of site managment.
  • Exclusive design ? Unique graphic design of the website which was created in accordance with last modern technologies.
  • Adaptive design ? Your website will be looking great independently of what device used to visit it: computer with full screen monitor, tablet or smartphone.
  • News? News feed creating. News are targeted to maintain the relevance of website information, to make your website more attractive for visitors and appealing for search systems
  • Direct mailing? Ability to create any number of subscription themes and to complicate forms of subscription for clients. Direct mailing for subscribers.
  • Menu sections administration? Ability to administrate each web page separately, to fill in information and to delete sections
  • Web pages administration? Intuitive system of website administration
  • Feedback form? Irreplaceable thing since your visitors are able to contact you via this form
  • Calculation of services price? Calculator for estimating price of suggested products with filter of characteristics
  • Company review? Aimed to increase level of cooperation between website administrators and visitors
  • Search? The lexical search through all website content with issuing of relevant results
  • Callback? Indispensable option since your customers have a constant ability to contact you
  • Photo gallery? Website page where we place provided photos
  • Online consultant? This is an ability to chat with your visitors in real time so that to increase conversion and to form high-quality service
  • Visiting statistics? Report about level of visitors on your website for mentioned period of time
  • E-mails subscription? Ability to create any number of subscription themes and to complicate forms of client’s subscription. Direct mailing for subscribers
  • Customization of Yandex.Metrics? This service is aimed to estimate website efficiency
  • Training how to work with CMS? Video-instructions how to administrate website through CMS.
  • Filling text pages by our specialist? Filling pages with text content

Decide on professional tariff – get Logo as a present

Development process duration up to 1,5months

Technical support after launching 1months

Development process duration up to 2months

Technical support after launching 2month

Marketplace of web development services is full of offers. But we develop real tools for reaching your targets. You may place all information about your company on your website. This will make cooperation easier and improve your relationships with partners and clients. It is definitely the best solution for your business since you’ll be up to date and your company will have stylish look.
High confidence to company with its own personal representative website.
Decide which tariff is suitable for you and you’ll get amazing result! You’ll get Logo as a gift when make an order!

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73 successful projects

55 long standing clients


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