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eCommerce website

  • Easy shopping at one click
  • Increases owner’s revenue
  • For corporative and private business
  • Your own shop with no office and staff
  • introduce automation into your business
  • Easy and user friendly navigation


  • All
  • Electronics
  • House and clothes
  • Building
  • Other

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  • Standard
  • Professional
  • Exclusive design?Unique graphic design of the website which was created in accordance with last modern technologies.
  • Unlimited number of products ? Ability to add unlimited number of products
  • Usable navigation system ? Intuitive system of Online shop navigation
  • Catalogue, shopping cart ? Created for booking products with ability to make an order and provide payment in real time.
  • Special offers ? Easy administrating of prices and discounts on limited products or group of products.
  • Question/answer? This module gives the ability for visitors to overview frequently asked questions and related answers.
  • Feedback form? Irreplaceable option since your visitors are able to contact you via this form.
  • Search? The lexical search through all website content with issuing of relevant results.
  • Sectioning of products by its characteristics? Ability to search products which are interesting for users, in accordance with special characteristics.
  • Online consultant? This is an ability to chat with your visitors in real time so that to increase conversion and to form high-quality service.
  • Products and catalogue sections administration? You’re able to correct assortment of products in your Online shop, to add or delete positions.
  • Web pages administration? Ability to administrate each web page separately, to fill in information and to delete sections.
  • News? maintain the relevance of website information, to make your website more attractive for visitors and appealing for search systems.
  • Filling pages by our specialist? Filling pages with text content.
  • Analogs and related products to buy.? Auto selection of related products for your main product.
  • Synchronization with 1C? Gives the ability to synchronize your Online shop with 1C program easily.
  • Importing products from price list? Ability to upload new products on your website in one file.
  • Direct mailing? Ability to create any number of subscription themes and to complicate forms of client’s subscription. Direct mailing for subscribers.
  • Products comparison? Gives ability to compare different products by its characteristics and prices.
  • Comments? Your visitors may read and leave their comments about products.
  • Call back? Customers may leave contacts to get callback.
  • Personal account? Your clients are able to sign in Online shop with getting access to their personal account to review information about their order and change their data.

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Development process duration up to6weeks

Technical support after launching2weeks

Development process duration up to10weeks

Technical support after launching1month

We develop eCommerce websites for over 9 years and became perfectly skilled hand for such a long period. You’re able to buy products at one click on eCommerce websites. This helps to increase revenue of its owner and reduce extra costs. Online shop is a perfect instrument for both beginners in eCommerce sphere and big experienced companies. There is no need to pay for office and hire staff. All automated. It is so easy to administrate such store that one person with no special education can handle this.

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9 years

130 successful projects

87 long standing clients


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