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  • You’re in TOP of Google AdWords
  • Best results from the first click
  • Short pay-off period
  • Low cost and flexible payment system
  • 100% reaching your audience
  • Ability for independent control of advertising budget


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  • Standard
  • Professional
  • Making out semantic core? Assortment of list of target key requests
  • Assortment and optimization of webpages for website promotion? Website optimization for search systems
  • Updating website usability? Updating navigation and website structure
  • Filling in with unique optimized text? Text on your website will be fully optimized for search systems
  • Set up link mass for website? Creating links for website search optimization
  • Website audit within 1 month? Analyze of advertising campaign results within 1 month after start.
  • Adding directories? Adding your website to directories
  • Setting Google AdWords? Selection and purchasing links for website
  • Filling in the meta tags? Increases website optimization level
  • Reporting form – once per 2 weeks? Providing reports about advertising campaign
  • Re-targeting? Your advertisement will be showing to users, who already took interest to similar products
  • UTM tags? Allows the system to web analytics to get additional information about the link.
  • Setting of a target call? Gives ability to analyze phone calls statistics and compare effectiveness of different channels for clients capture.
  • Feedback form? Irreplaceable thing since your visitors are able to contact you via this form
  • Marketing analysis of 5 competitors? Detailed analysis of your main competitors

decide on professional tariff – get setting of Google AdWords as a present

Setting process durationfrom 1 month

Setting process durationfrom 2 weeks

Advertising is a basis which supports the whole business. There is no need in today’s world to pay money for social advertising – entrust everything to us and Internet. Contextual advertising will help you to get excellent results from the very first click and get to the TOP of Google AdWords. Internet advertising is smart and is shown to 100% of your core audience.
Its cost much lower than typical advertising and has flexible payment terms. At the same time it has extremely short pay back period.
You may control advertising budget yourself as well as advertising campaign process and involved regions.

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